Rubber Die Cutting


rubber-die-cutting-National-RubberRubber is one of the most common materials to die cut because it is very easily perforated and leaves a clean sheet every time. This manufacturing process turns sheets of rubber into a flat, thin shape by using lasers or blades. Used in almost every industry, die cutting is a cost-effective option to form shapes and various essential products. Any kind of rubber can be die cut in a fast, automated, and simple process.

To start the die cutting process, you must have a detailed drawing with the dimensions uploaded into a computer software that will be performing the action. Most of these machines are fully automated and CNC (computer numeric control) operated, which fully carries out the cutting technique. Since most products are custom cut, its essential to have the exact requirements from the customer. Similar to a cookie cutter, the steel rule die contains sharp blades that are in the shape of the customers design and is cut through the rubber sheet with pressure. This is one of the most common ways to cut through rubber material, as well as using a laser. The laser is set to a high temperature and melts the rubber into a specific pattern or design.

Crush cut rubber products is made when the laser or blade completely cuts through the piece of rubber. Kiss cutting is used to make products such as stickers or other adhesive-backed product. They are cut through the top rubber layer and adhesive middle, but not through the paper bottom layer.