Die Cut Machines

diecuttingmachine-gardicoDie cut machines are used in many industries to create thin and flat products out of different kinds of materials. Many consumer products are made from die cut machines and industrial equipment. Die cut industrial products can be made out of metals, rubber, plastic, foam, and even felt.

While it may not be universally known, commercial operations like offices often times are in need of die cut operations for decorative nameplates, logos, signage, and other similar products. Businesses may need die cut products in high volumes or they can order for their own personal use. Each cutting operation is unique to the demand and object being cut because most of the time, the specifications are custom. It is however, possible for stock items to be ordered in bulk quantities.

Between the possibilities in materials and configurations, there are many different kinds of machines to best suit each process. Each process has a different purpose and may work better for certain applications. For example, laser die cutting can cut through most materials with efficiency and precision. This process is also most costly since it requires a computer-controlled program and high energy consumption. Steel ruled dies are much simpler and similar to a cookie cutter process. The pre-formed metal shape is pressed into a material that is being cut to create a final shape. This process is much less expensive and less energy intensive. Other die cutting processes include blade type rotary die cutting and ultrasonic die cutting. Overall, if planned and executed correctly, die cutting is an efficient, low-waste means by which thin, specially shaped products can be created.