Die Cut Foam

diecutfoam-heubachDie cut foam can be seen in many different industries. They are common in retail packaging for product protection, as well ask the industrial industry. Die cut foam products are shapes that are cut out of foam sheets by a die cutter.

Foam creates a shock and vibration absorption when used in packaging as inserts and cushioning. It is very popular as a permanent packaging solution because of this, and is often used with expensive products such as jewelry and electronic equipment. Foam is also used in recording studios and at radio stations since they are a popular option for sound absorption.

Since all die cut foam products are made from die cut machines, each machine has to be configured to create a specific shape. During die cutting, sharp and thin blades are used to cut out shapes. In the context of die cut foam products, foamed synthetic polymers are the most common raw materials. Neoprene, polystyrene, polyethylene, PVC and polyurethane are just a few examples of common raw materials that are turned into die cut foam products. Each raw material offers different qualities of softness, strength, durability, shelf life and resistance to high or low temperatures. Carefully selecting the right die cut foam material for its application is important for every professional considering the use of die cut foam products.