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Die cutting is the manufacturing process of stamping or cutting two dimensional parts out of flat sheets of materials like rubber, fiber, paper, or metals. This process, often used in conjunction with laminating services, is a crucial finishing service for a wide range of parts and products.

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Evansville, IN  |  800-467-6730

We know that high tech products require die cut parts that are created with precision and care. We have the highest quality standards in the die cutting industry because we know that with die cutting accuracy is so important. After we cut the prototype for your product and after receiving your approval we pledge that your orders will be shipped within ten business days or less.

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Thrust Industries $$$

Grand Rapids, MI  |  616-942-7780

When it comes to die cutting, we are the experts! We are a Grand Rapids, Michigan based company but we offer our services to all across the United States. It is our goal to bring exceptional die cutting services to all of our clients while also providing customer service that will keep you coming back to fulfill all of your die cutting needs. Our staff has the experience you can count on to assist you in your projects. Visit our website for more information or email us today!

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Design Converting, Inc. $$$

Seattle, WA  |  800-537-9663

Gardico has been providing superior products and workmanship to industrial customers since 1977. Our die cutting capabilities satisfy needs for standard and custom gaskets, pads, insulators and decorative pieces in quantities from 5 or 10 to tens of thousands.

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Gardico $$$

Garland, TX  |  800-530-0091

Heubach has custom commercial die cutting capability to produce thousand of parts a day. Our steel rule die conversion process enables us to attain accuracy and efficient means of mass producing cut parts. We have high speed die cutting capability to produce fold lines, scores, perforated cuts and partial cuts.

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Heubach Corporation $$$

Akron, OH  |  877-771-6766

Allow our staff to show you what we are capable of when it comes to die cut gaskets. We are able to offer short and long run productions and a broad selection of materials, we are sure to have exactly what you need!

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Premier Seals Manufacturing $$$

Carson City, NV  |  800-733-2648

For exceptional die cut gaskets count on REDCO! Our state of the art machinery ensures precise and cost-effective die cut products. Our focus is to consistently provide excellent customer service. Our steel rule die conversion process enables us to attain accuracy and efficient means of mass producing cut parts.

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REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company $$$

Canonsburg, PA  |  866-672-8100

National Rubber Corporation is a nationwide leader of die cutting services for a wide variety of industries and applications. We provide die cut product quantities from prototypes and short runs to large production runs.

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National Rubber Corp. $$$
placeholder image Thrust Industries Design Converting, Inc. Gardico Heubach Corporation Premier Seals Manufacturing REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company National Rubber Corp.

Sometimes the term die cutting stems confusion, as it is quite ambiguous and its meaning differs in different fields. Other than cutting a material, a die can perform other functions as well, such as, forming, which involves compression and other stressing method for producing desired shapes.

Products Produced

Products commonly produced via die cutting include: die cut gasket hardware, vibration absorbers, bandages and adhesives and die cut plastic handle bags. Die cutters can also be used to make circuit boards, ID cards, credit cards and other flat plastic pieces, labels and stickers, adhesive tapes and stamps, corrugated envelopes, cartons, fabric and metallic products. They can even make keys.

Various die cutters are used that are specialized to cut different products like furniture, plastic, paper or metals in specific designs and patterns.


The die cut process was born in the mid-1800s, when it was used in the shoe industry. Before cutting, the holes in leather shoes were punched by hand. Die cutting made cutting leather faster and easier; shoemakers cut leather into different shapes by exposing it to press installed with a cut die, which carved pre-determined shapes.

In the early 1900s, the die cutting industry saw many improvements. For example, this time period saw the invention of the swing arm clicker press, which allowed users to cut different shapes and sizes simultaneously on different dies. Ultimately, this attachment led to the ability of mass production of products like plastic and metal tubing.

During the 1950s, engineers began designing smaller and smaller machine models, including handheld models and tabletop machines.

Since the early 2000s, die cutting has been revolutionized by computers and CAD technology. In addition, modern die cutting processes uses sophisticated robots and high-pressure presses that can shear webs even in the thickest hard metal.

Today, die cutting machines don’t just serve commercial and industrial purposes; you can also get them for crafting in the classroom or your home. A great example of this type of die cut machine is the Cricut Expression, which is a small, portable die cut machine you can program with different fonts and shapes. You can get these fonts on a physical or digital Cricut cartridge.

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