Plastic Die Cutting

die-cut-plastic-thrustinDie cutting is often used to make a variety of shapes out of plastic materials. Many everyday items are created using the die cutting process such as, keyboard plates, faceplates for small electronics, nametags, keycards, credit cards, and many more. Out of all of the products produced using die cutting, plastic bags make up the majority of die cut plastic products.

A die is a specialty set of blades or a shaped metal blade to precisely cut an item. In the context of plastic die cutting, the plastic is a flat sheet that is pushed against the blades to cut into shape. Often times, lasers can be used to perform die cutting, which uses advanced heating systems to replace blades.

The benefit of using plastic die cutting rather than other cutting processes is because they are more accurate and reliable. When purchasing a plastic die cutting machine, it is essential to check for the throat, stroke, operating force, open height, maximum sheet width, and maximum sheet length of the machine. Thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, styrene, PVC, PETG, and Teflon are all able to be die cut. Plastic materials are not the only items that are able to be die cut. Metals, rubber, textiles, wood, and many more have the ability to be cut and shaped into items. Many companies that offer plastic die cutting also offer other die cutting services as well.